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EmericvS is the artistic name of Imrich Petrov (Emericus is Imrich in Latin. The ancient Romans used "V" instead of "U", thatīs why I use "EmericvS" ).  


new song and videoklip (  March 14..2018) :

from the upcoming album





new song and videoklip (  June 10.2017) :

from the upcoming album



new song and videoklip  (April 11.2017) :

from the album EMERICVS: Solitary Waves, 2015



new song and videoklip ( 5th March 2017) :

from the upcoming album


I released   2 CD albums, digitally available:

u    Amazon

u   iTunes

u   RouteNote

u   Spotify

u   Google Play

u   Tidal

 u  Soundcloud

u   Anghami

u     Bandzone

u    listed in the  List of Slovak audio recordings of artistic performance of the  Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic   >>>

u    listed in the global databases Allmusic   and Gracenote



1.  DisasterS, 2014      (March 04.2014)

2. Solitary Waves, 2015     (November 24.2015)


3.  New album (2019 ?)   Iīm working on it  - (17th June 2018) one half is finished   

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