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I started with scuba diving in 1986. My first scuba dive was in 1987 and it was 15 m deep. I  gained CMAS * in 1987 and later CMAS ** and more later IANTD NITROX basic. From the beginning I was a member of diving club SIRENA in the city of Prešov, Slovakia.

UW photography

I used german reflex camera- Practica MTL5 wtih 29mm lens Pentacon in home-made case. I took part in various UW photo competitions : Berliner Unterwasserfotowettkampf on  Helene See  near  Frankfurt am/Oder, former East Germany  (near Berlin),  PAF Tachov in Czech Republic, and other competitions.

In Slovakia  it was  a Hippocampus festival in the city of Martin, later in High Tatra mountains where it is named   International festival of diving films. It is associated with the cleaning of mountain lakes.In this competition I was succesfull :  in 1989 in the category of "free slides"  2.prize with this slide :

In  1998  in the category "Slovak championship" , free slides   3.prize  with these slides from Croatia:

 Nowadays I don´t make underwater photography,  I make some UW videos instead. Photos are made off videos.

Diving license:

CMAS * in 1987 and in 1994  CMAS ** and in 2002  IANTD NITROX basic


Diving club  SIRENA      

From the beginning I was a member of diving club SIRENA in city of Prešov, Slovakia.I am a vicepresident of the club.

One of previous members of the club, artist Jaroslav Rešovský (+2008) made some art works and painting, which depicture The Diver:

   tauthor:  artist Jaroslav Rešovký     (+2008)                                                                         


      art works (1988)                                            painting: "The Diver"  author:  artist Jaroslav Rešovký 1985-1989, oil on canvas, 162 x 100 cm (photocopy: courtesy Jaroslav´s  wife Mgr. Margita Rešovská in February 2012)



Historical photos

My diving licenses and logbooks


first                                              second                   third                             present

My very first dive in the  Tornaľa crater in 1987 - former Šafárikovo


      On the right side it is me

In the crater  Vyšné Ružbachy  -  winter  1987

Stratenská Píla lake  - early spring  1987

My early UW photography since 1987

My first UW case                    my very first UW photo     my friend  Bohdan             "artistic" photo with the salamander




photos made in  the city pool


My second UW case                                                                                  Both UW cases together (untill I got rid of them  :-(



 My third "profi" UW case  (I got rid of it - I gave it as a present to my friend)



Souvenirs obtained in competitions 


PAF Tachov                   




    Gottwaldov                                          Trutnov



   Helene See                         me                      me                   me and friends           me and friends        Results

                                                                                                                           Peter,me,Igor,Otto           Birgitt, me , Rudiger





Logo of Hippocampus festival      Newspaper article             Diploma                      II.Prize                    Another Prizes              Another succes...

Historical photo colour


Slovenský raj - Hans Jakubova lake ( ice diving)- me  and Peter


Slovenský raj - Štvrtocká Píla  lake ( ice diving)- me and  Peter


Me and various  buoyancy compensators...  

   Sprint                                                                                                                        military PL40 with inflator   homemade


Popradské pleso lake (High Tatra mountains) - garbage picking                                 


Štrbské pleso - (High Tatra mountains) - garbage picking    - me and brother  Ivan


Veľký Meder  lakeeder                                             Stra


Dobšinská Maša lake - me and  Peter




Tornaľa (Šafárikovo) crater

  in wet suit (Camaro)                                     in dry suit (Agama)v sucháči                     with Nitrox

      me and  Cyril                    me, Peter and Cyril           me,Peter,brother Ivan

The end of I. phase of my UW photography (last photos made with classical camera)

Hornád - barbels  (2008)


since September 2012 I started UW photography again (along with UW video)       look >>> 

digital camera Olympus VG 160 and watertight case Olympus PT 042 , Rollei Action Cam 420 with 40 m case- full HD video