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- I am not any musical critic, I  only record my  impressions  and my perspective...

- videos  were recorded  by  various mobile phones  -Nokia N95, Lenovo A2010, Lenovo A7010a68, also compact camera Olympus VG 160,  full HD Panasonic HC V380 - are in the gallery, 


Index - bands

A- Accept 2011 H, Aerosmith 2017 PL,  Allice Cooper 2009 SK,  Amorphis 2009 H, Anthrax 2014 H,  Avantasia 2013 SK,  Avantasia 2019 SK

B- Black Sabbath  2007 SK, Black Sabbath 2013 CZ,  Blue Effect 2010 SK, Blue Effect 2015 SK, Black Sabbath revival 2013 SK, Beach Boys 2014 H,

C- Collegium Musicum 2009 SK,2010 SK,  2011 SK, Craddle of Filth 2018 SK

D- Deep Purple 2010 PL, Dragonforce 2009 H, Dream Theater 2011 PL, 2012 H, Dying Fetus 2014 SK

E- Europe 2010 SK

F- Fermata 2010 SK

G- Gammaray 2010 SK, Gammaray 2013 H ,Gorgoroth 2011 SK,  Guns N´Roses 2012 SK

H- Hammerfall 2009 SK, Hammerfall 2015 SK, Helloween 2011 SK, Helloween 2013 H, Helloween 2013 SK, Helloween 2018 SK

I-  Iron Maiden 2013 SK, Iron Maiden 2014 H

J- Jarre, Jean Michel  2010 H

K- Kiss 2010 H, King Diamond 2013 SK

L- Lordi 2009 SK

M- Megadeth 2010 H, Metallica 2010 H, McCartney Paul 2015 UK, Moonspell 2018 SK,

N- Nightwish 2012 H, Nightwish 2015 SK, Nightwish 2018 SK

O- Olympic 2011 SK, Omega  2011 SK,  Ozzy Osbourne  2010 H

P- Pink Floyd  The Australian 2011 SK, Pink Floyd, 1.Slovak Revival 2012 SK, Pretty Maids 2012 SK

R- Rammstein 2010 H, Rammstein  2011 H, Rolling Stones 2014 A

S- Santana 2011 H, Satriani  2010 H, Scorpions 2011 H, Shadowside 2013 H, Stratovarius 2010 H, Stratovarius 2011 SK, Sabaton 2012 SK, Slash 2012 H,

T- Tublatanka 2012 SK, Tublatanka 2013 SK

U- Uriah Heep 2010 H

W- W.A.S.P. 2010 H, Waters, Roger 2011 H, Wanastowy Vjecy  2012 SK


Index -support bands

Amoral 2009 H (Amorphis),  Before The Dawn 2009 H (Amorphis), Bloodbound  2009 SK (Hammerfall), Combichrist 2010 H (Rammstein),   Devil Driver 2010 H (Metallica), Freedom Call 2009 SK  (Gammaray), High on Fire 2010 H (Metallica), Periphery 2012  H (Dream Theater), Sabaton 2009 H (Hammerfall), Sabaton 2015 SK (Nightwish),   Secret Sphere 2009 SK (Gammaray), Shadowside 2010 H (W.A.S.P.),     Steelwing 2011 H (Accept),  3 Inches of Blood 2010 H (Megadeth), Trace Dawn 2010 H (Stratovarius),Turisas 2009 H (Dragonforce),  Vader 2011 SK (Gorgoroth), Valkyrja 2011 SK (Gorgoroth), Volbeat 2010 H (Metallica), Winters Verge 2010 H (Stratovarius),  Seven Kingdoms 2013 H (Stratovarius), Amaranthe 2013 H (Stratovarius), Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats 2013 CZ, Goatwhore 2014 SK (Dying Fetus), Malevolence 2014 SK (Dying Fetus), Fallujah 2014 SK (Dying Fetus), Beast in Black 2018 SK (Nightwish)

Avantasia Moonglow World Tour 2019  Prešov, Tatran Handball Arena, Slovakia   27th March.2019  

Good concert from 20,30  to 22,30 (3 hours)






Nightwish Decades: Europe Tour 2018  Bratislava, Slovakia  Incheba, 13.11.2018 20,00                

4th anniversary of radio Antena Rock



Support band was   Beast in Black from Finland.

Perfect sound, perfect performance. I recorded also some video with my smartphone



video >>>





Helloween  Pumpkins United World Tour 2018,

Rock pod Kameňom, Snina, Slovakia, 10th August.2018  21,00                                                                  

Rock pod kameňom festival and Pumpkins United World Tour 2018. Perfect sound and performance. There rejoined the band past members Kai Hansen  and Michael Kiske. It was my 5th experience with this band.



video >>>




Craddle of Filth and Moonspell  Majestic Musíc Club Bratislava, Slovakia 20th January 2018  19,00  


I´ve purchased  a beanie 

Portuguese band  Moonspell - gothic metal.. No video because of crap recorded sound (but their concert sound was perfect). Just pictures.




British band  Craddle of Filth-   black metal.  Recorded sound is crap, but I decided upload 2 videos (Nymphetamine and Heartbreak and Seance). Their concert sound was also crap.




Nymphetamine >>>

Heartbreak and Seance >>>




Aerosmith   Krakow, Poland, June 02.2017, Tauron Arena, 18,00                          

German support band  Beyond the Black. Surprisingly they are  metal band. They performed quite well, also  Whole Lotta Love by Led Zeppelin

Aerosmith started after 21,15 with intro - reproduced music. Concert lasted 2 hours including the encore.

We could hear well known songs like Cryin´, I don´t Wanna Miss a Thing, Dream On, but also Come Together by Beatles, and Oh,Well by Fleetwood Mac.



video  >>>




Hammerfall   Košice, Slovakia, December 07.2015, Collosseum club, 18,00                  

Collosseum club was crowded, We missed the first support band  Serenity.  Just started to play  the Rage band, which was very nice surprise. Nice songs, perfect performance and sound. 3 members- frontman vocalist and bass guitar player), solo guitar player and drummer.

I made one  video >>>


At 20,30 started Hammerfall with intro song  Hector´s Hymn from their latest album. The band has  5 members- vocalist Joakim Cans, guitar players Oskar Dronjak and Pontus Norgren - these three are my favourite. The new members- bass guitar player and drummer I don´t know. The played well known songs like Any Means Necessary, Renegade, Bloodbound, Templars of Steel and other songs. There was one encore in the end. Perfect performance and sound- vocals, guitars, drums


video Any Means Necessary   Renegade    Bloodbound    Templars of Steel    Let the Hammer Fall



Nightwish / Sabaton   Banská Bystrica, Slovakia, amphitheatre, June 14.2015, 20:00 

In the amphitheatre there were approx. 8-10k people. The support band were  Sabaton, but I was not interested in them. I have seen then with  Hammerfall in.2009, and  Rock pod Kameňom in.2012.

Exactly at 22,36 bod. started Nightwish. ( My second experience with this band - I have seen them in 2012, Budapest). The band has 6 mermbers, including the guy with the pipe and new vocalist  Floor Jansen. The scene was simple - lights, smoke and pyroeffects. We could hear songs from new album "Endless forms most beautiful", also older songs  (Amaranth, Sleeping sun), songs from the album  "Imaginaerum"- Storytime, I want my tears back.




video :

 Amaranth      Storytime    I want my tears back     Sleeping sun      Weak phantasy        

video (Sabaton)




Paul McCartney   London, O2 Arena, May 23.2015 20,30    


Concert started  at 20,30 with Eight days a week. They performed 2 hours and we heard many Beatles songs - Eight days a week, Eleanor Rigby, Back to USSR, Let it be, Hey Jude, Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da, Can´t buy me love, Paperback writer, Long and winding road, Lady Madonna, We can work it out, And I love her, Blackbird, Something (in memory of George Harrison). After the finish of their performance there was a pause and thes was one encore and the the second encore with the long awaited song Yesterday. There were performed also many songs of Paul´s  solo career era. Paul was funny, he was  joking with the audience.





Eight days a week     Back to USSR     Let it be     Hey Jude     Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da     Can´t buy me love     Paperback writer    Long and winding road     Lady Madonna      We can work it out         And I love her     Blackbird     Something      I´ve just seen a face



Radim Hladík & Blue Effect   Prešov, Slovakia Kino Scala, April 21.2015  19,00                     


Support band was  Jazzabell  jazz band from  Košíce, Slovakia.

After a short break started  Radim Hladík a Blue Effect. They performed  instrumental and vocal/instrumental songs from  the album Nová syntéza II (Je třeba obout boty, Nová Syntéza II), Sluneční hrob, Čajovna  and other songs. Radim Hladík is excellent guitar player, his solos are awsome.He plays his old Gibson Le Paul custom guitar). He plays his 51st season (year).



video (42 min.) >>>  



Dying Fetus    Košice, Slovakia, Club Collosseum, 19,00    December 10.2014                      

Club Collosseum is perfect for deathmetal.

There were 3 support bands:  Fallujah from USA (California). 5 members - vocalist, bassguitar, 2 guitars, drums.Not very impressive performance. Malevolence from UK 5 members - vocalist, bassguitar, 2 guitars, drums. It was entirely deifferent level, veryy good sound.  Goatwhore from USA (Louisiana). 4 members - vocalist, bassguitar, guitar, drums. They  had a level better sound.

Finally  the main band of the evening- Dying Fetus from  USA (Maryland). 3 members - guitar + vocals, bassguitar, drums.  Hard, uncompromissing sound and rhythm, but all songs sounded uniformely.I recorded video with 3 songs. People were having fun with stage diving and crowd surfing.

The most impressive banda for me were Goatwhore and Malevolence.


Dying Fetus                  Dying Fetus                 Dying Fetus                 Goatwhore                   Malevolence                 Malevolence                Fallujah                    me and Fallujah   


video >>>



The Beach Boys    Budapest, Hungary  Papp László Sportaréna, November 26.2014, 20,00                                   

The band has 7 member-  vocaalist Mike Love, 2 keboards  , 2 guitars, bass guitar, drums.  We could hear their greatest hits like - Good Vibrations, Help me Rhonda, Sloop John B., Do You Wanna Dance, Surfin´ USA.  One of the songs (videoclip)  was dedicated to deceased Carl Wilson. They also played one song dedicated to  George Harrison (The Beatles). One song by Mamas and Papas- California Dreamin´. I appreciated their perfect vocal performance.

It was the exeperience of  old good rock´n´roll.


video >>>      full version of clips (39 minutes)

video 2  >>>    brief clips  (7 minutes)



Rolling Stones    Vienna, Austria,  Ernst Happel Stadium, June 16.2014 20:30                                            

Ernst Happel Stadion (football stadium) overwhelmed  us with  it´s  mightiness and  covered air-conditioned amphitheatric (!!) . There was the crowd of 60 thousand of people- not old people, there were mostly young people.

After  19,30 staarted the support band The Temperance Movement (UK) , they play  blues-rock. They were perfect, I recorded 1 video >>>

At 20,40 was the  ceremonial intro of The Rolling Stones!!!  The first song was  Start Me Up. They played 2 hours in wild tempo. There were basic members of the band - frontman Mick Jagger, guitarists  Keith Richards and Ron Wood, drummer Charlie Watts, and additional musicians- bassguitar player, saxophone  player, keyboard player, one  female vocalist and one male vocalist. Keith and  Ron have smoked a cigarette during their performance, which was awarded with the applause.. There were nice guitar , saxophone and keyboard solos. They played hits like  Angie, Honky Tonk Women  a other songs. The setlist is here:   >>>      In the end there was one oncore with 2 song, the grand finale was  Satisfaction, followed with standing ovation.

Overwhelming, gigantic concert!!!


Ernst Happel Stadion                                                    the crowd  is gathering                                                                                                   the end                                                                        Mick Jagger                     bus ticket to Vienna


video >>>  


Iron Maiden   Budapest, Hungary  Papp László Sportaréna, June 03.2014 20:30  Maiden England Tour 2014  

Anthrax   Budapest, Hungary, Papp László Sportaréna, June 03.2014 19:00   Anthrax Tour 2014

It was a good luck that this day crossed the tours of two famous bands just in Budapest (and also Barcelona): Iron Maiden (which was our 1st plan) and Anthrax (which is the band of so called Big Four - Metallica, Megaadeth, Anthrax,Slayer).

At 19:00 started Anthrax, perfect, hard, heavy  thrash-metal .The sound was perfect hardcore! Vocalist Joey Belladonna has awesome voice. I also liked guitar player  Ian Scott. I don´t know their songs. They performed also TNT song by AC/DC band. They played untill 20:00.

video >>>

At 20:30  started Iron Maiden. The hall was full of people  100 %.  Perfect sound, guitars, vocals (Bruce Dickinson). The were also  pyro-effects. The performed their well-known songs like Moonchild, Seventh son of the seventh son, Can I play with madness, The number of the beast etc. Traditional quality!  The concert finished at 22,20.

video >>>





Black Sabbath   Prage, Czech republic,  O2 Aréna ,  December 07.2013      

It was the most important concert of my life, because Black Sabbath is my most favourite band ever. It was my second encounter with the members of Black Sabbath, but never seen them together - Tony Iommi and Geezer Butler in Košice 2007 and Ozzy Osbourne in Budapest 2010.

At 20,00 started the support band Uncle Acid and the Deaadbeats (UK).  4 members- 2 guitars, bass, drums.They plyayed very well, I recorded one video with my cell phone.The performed 45 minutes.

video >>>

At  21,00 started the concert of  Black Sabbath. Vocals- Ozzy Osbourne, guitar- Tony Iommi  (I have his  signature guitar Epiphone!) , bass guitar- Geezer Butler,  drums - Tommy Clufetos ( the only non-original member, since original Bill Ward  refused the cooperation). Intro was  War Pigs. They played songs as they are on the live DVD Gathered in Their Masses, which was released in the end of  November 2013 (concert in Melbourne). The played song from their  first albums  Black Sabbath and Paranoid, (but also from  Master of Reality and Vol.4) and also from the last album 13- Black Sabbath, God is Dead?, Loner, Fairies wear Boots, NIB, Iron Man, End of the Beginning and others, in the middle of the concert there was intzeresting drum solo. The concert was finished with  Paranoid at 23,00).  I recorded 2 videos.

I took binoculars with me and it was good idea. I used it as  zoom lens for my compact camera.

Tony used  3 legendary Gibson SG guitars- red, black  and  white one. 

See more about guitar brands:

Ozzy´s vocals were here and there a little bit false.But who cares?




Here are 2 videos  (25min. and 36 min.) :      video >>>


Some older news about BLACK SABBATH  tour from 2012:


>  Black Sabbath 2012 Tour cancelled >>>  (March 14.2012)   instead of their concert will be  Ozzy & Friends

> Black Sabbath to continue reunion without Bill Ward >>>   (February 08.2012)

> Drummer Bill Ward threatens to quit Black Sabbath  >>>                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

> Guitarist  of  Black Sabbath Tony Iommi (which is my idol)  seriously sick...I keep my fingers crossed for him to get  healthy soon !!! >>>             


Tublatanka  Prešov, Slovakia , PKO Čierny Orol,  October 13.2013        


Legendary Slovak rock band /since 1982/. There are 3 members: frontman Maťo Ďurinda /vocals, rhythm and lead guitar/, Juraj Topor /bass guitar, vocals/, Peter Schlosser /drums/. They performed 2,5 hours, we could hear their greatest hits like Dnes, Skúsime to cez vesmír, Pravda víťazí, Láska drž ma nad hladinou, Matka, Žeravé znamenie osudu and others. Some songs vere performed with string quarteto band Adventure strings.
Nice concert.


video - >>>


Rock pod Kameňom  (open air festival) August 08.-10.2013, Snina, Slovakia   

Headliners of the festival were three famous bands-Avantasia (August 08.2013), Stratovarius (August 09.2013) and Helloween (August 10.2013). Each band performed the other day, I  have missed out  Stratovarius.

Avantasia -  (August 08.2013) They performed nearly three hours. There were 5 famous singers and one singer woman. Frontman - Tobias Sammet (lead vocalist of  Edguy band,and Avantasia is his own  project. The name Avantasia is from Avalon and Fantasia),  Michael Kiske (ex-Helloween), Ronnie Atknins (Pretty Maids-they were here last year), Eric Martin (Mr.Big), Biff Byford (Saxon). They mostly sang  duets and in the end they all sang together.There were two guitar, basguitar, drums and keys. The concert was awesome. The acoustics in this venue was excellent. There was a hot night.


video - >>>

Helloween -  (August 10.2013) It was their second concert I have seen this year.  They played songs from theirlatest album Straight out of Hell and also older things. Also this concert was awesome. The weaather was getting worse but fortunately there was no rain.


video - >>>


"Black Sabbath revival"  July 26.2013, "Festival of the Beer 2013" Prešov,Slovakia

Slovak revival band.They startet at 17,30  performed well, they have perfect guitar player (he has Gibson SG guitar). Unfortunately they didn´t play songs of Ozzy´s era. They tributed to Ronnie James Dio. I like the Ozzy era and Heaven & Hell. I expected they will look like Black Sabbath members, but they didn´t. They instead looked like punk rock players. I recorded 2 videos (Children of the Sea, Country Girl).

video >>>

Then at 19,00 followed "Tublatanka revival" band- they performed songs of legendary Slovak rock band Tublatanka. In the evening at 20,00 started  "AC/DC revival" band and  it was the same Black Sabbath revival band with another  extra guitar player.This time the really looked like AC/DC band. The solo guitar player was simply awesome!  The band has entertained the beer drinking crowd perfectly. I didn´t  record any video (what a pity).  The beer was delicious :-)



Iron Maiden,  Topfest 2013 Piešťany, Slovakia, airport,  June 27.2013        

It was the 10th annual set of Topfest, on the airport.  There were several tens of thousands of people ( they say more than 30 thousand people). tie tam bolo niekoľko projekčných  obrazoviek.

Support band was british band  Voodoo Six, they performed perfect hardrock.

At 21,00 started  Iron Maiden. Legendary british heavy-metal band of 80-90th years of 20.century. It was stunning concert, perfect sound, perfect performance of singer  Bruce Dickinsona, guitar solos and duets. Setlist: - Intro: Doctor Doctor (UFO song) 1. Moonchild  2. Can I Play with Madness  3. The Prisoner  4. 2 Minutes to Midnight  5. Afraid to Shoot Strangers  6. The Trooper  7. The Number of the Beast  8. Phantom of the Opera  9. Run to the Hills  10. Wasted Years  11. Seventh Son of a Seventh Son  12. The Clairvoyant  13. Fear of the Dark  14. Iron Maiden 
Encore: - Churchill's Speech  15. Aces High  16. The Evil That Men Do  17. Running Free  - Outro: Always Look on the Bright Side of Life (Monty Python song)


video >>>  gallery  


King Diamond,  Bratislava, Slovakia,  Aegon Aréna NTC, May 31.2013 20.00           


Scarce experience: when we were aproaching the Aegon arena  from behind, absolutely by chance we met  very King Diamond!! There were a couple of fans too. It was only a matter of seconds, when King was willing to pose with the fans (he was apparently walking for the performance and had no time fo posing). I made a foto with 3 fans, one of them my friend Patrick.

They started at 20,00 sharp and perfomed almost 1 and half an hour.  The played the songs according their setlist. Perfect concert!! Two songs were covers of Mercyful Fate ( King´s once upon a time band). We purchased  T-shirts. I  recorded 5 videos.

Setlist: The Candle, Welcome Home, At the Graves, Up from the Grave, Voodoo, Let it be Done, Dreams, Sleepless Nights, Drum solo, Shapes of Black, Come to the Sabbath (Mercyful Fate cover), Eye of the Witch, The Family Ghost, Evil (Mercyful Fate cover), Black Horsemen, Insanity


video >>>  gallery



Stratovarius  Budapest, Hungary, Club 202, March 23.2013, 19,00        

There were  2 support bands: Seven Kingdoms  from the USA, they played very well (I can say they were a  surprise  for me). They have a woman singer, 2 guitar players, bass guitar, drums.


Amaranthe from Finland. They have 3 singers, one of them woman. The reminded me a little bit something like Backstreeet boys :-)  The played very well and too long. and I disliked them.


Stratovarius - they played mostly their last album Nemesis. The sound was incredible. They performed perfectly! Timo Kotipelto´s vocals  were also good. Also old songs (Forever, Hunting High and Low...)  Club 202 was very comfortable.  I´ve bought a T-shirt and a nice black cap.

Video 1     Video 2




Helloween,Gammaray, Shadowside   

Hellish Rock Part II    Budapest, Hungary, PeCsa Hall, March 19.2013  

The concert  of 3 bands.

Shadowside-concert started at 20,00 and was great. The singer Dani Nolden and the guys were perfect.  I bought  their 3 albums and a T-shirt.  I have the albums  signed by all members of the band.


Dani and me                2010 Budapest       Fabio Carito                Shadowside and me          T-shit                                                                  stick-on             CD:Theatre of Shadows     Dare to Dream            Inner Monster Out

                       Here is  26 min. video >>>

Gammaray-they started at 21,00.  Here is video >>>

Helloween -they started about 22,00 and played  pretty long time, They played mostly songs from their new album "Straight out of Hell".   Here is  video >>> 


One Day Jazz Festival 2013, Košice, Slovakia ( February 26.2013)  Stará radnica, Veľká sála, 19,00

Andrej Šeban Band       Depart Refire        Frank McComb                     

There played 3 jazz  bands Andrej Šeban Band. The band has 4 members with frontman Andrej Šeban (guitar, vocals). Drums- Michal Fedor, keyboard Daniel Špiner.Bass guitar- Peter Rusňák. I could hear pretty strange songs...I liked the sound of solo guitar.  Good performance. No video recorded.

Depart Refire - trio (Switzerland-Austrian) with the frontman  Harry Sokal (sax). Double bass - Heiri Kaenzig . Drums - Martin Valihora (wellknown Slovak drummer). They performed perfectly.I recorded 2 videos.

Frank McComb - "the star " from USA, trio with the frontman Frank McComb (keyboards, vocals). Bassoguitar- Reggie Washington. Drums- again Martin Valihora.  Perfect performance of all of them. Valihora is good drummer, here is his drum solo. Quite boring long keyboard improvizations, which  in my opinion needed more often some rhythm changes  to vitalize the extremely long songs. I recorded 2 videos (one long, one short-drum solo.




Slash        Apocalyptic Love World Tour    

February 07.2012 Budapest, Hungary, Papp László Sportaréna, 19,00

Hungarian support band Leander Rising . They played hardrock, sometimes it sounded almost like deathmetal. ( I have no video of them, but if You want to see them, here is a link to their videoclip  >>> )

Concert of Slash started at 21,00 with intro (Halo). Slash played with the singer  Myles Kennedy and  Conspirators. Perfect Slash´s guitar solos (watch in the gallery  video5 and  video6)! Perfect vocals of Myles.They performed older and  newer songs  ( Beggars and Hangers-on, Sweet Child of Mine, Starlight, No More Heroes, Civil War, Ghost  and other songs).


1.Slovak Pink Floyd Revival

November 29.2012 Prešov, Slovakia,  La Scala cinema hall, 19,30

It is Slovak revival band with 8 members - lead guitar, rhythm guitar, bass guitar, saxophone, drums, keyboards, 2 woman singers. Perfect  performance, especially lead guitar (Jaroslav Merčiak).

The intro was  Shine on You Crazy Diamond . They played 2,5 hours complete 3 albums - Wish You Weere Here, The Dark Side of the Moon and The Wall.  In  the song Another Brick in the Wall there was also childs choir.

 Rock pod Kameňom - open air festival                                            

August 11.2012 Snina, Slovakia, Sninské rybníky, open air festival

Cold weather 19o C, in te night only 10-12oC. There were approx.5 thousand people.

Tublatanka- legendary Slovak rock band.We missed their  performance and we heard only the last well known song (in Slovakia)  - Žeravé znamenie osudu.

Wanastowy Vjecy - legandary Czech rock band, they performed many old hits  Letíme na Venuši , Lucie  and  many other hists. Very good sound and performance.

Pretty Maids - legendary Danisch heavy metal band  , three videos are in the gallery. Unfortunately I couldn´t record their greatest  hit Please don´t leave me, so  here is at least the link to official videoclip...

Sabaton - Swedish metal band, the main  headliner of the evening. (I already saw them in 2009 in Košice, Slovakia, they were supportd band for Hammerfall ).We waited for them for quite long time, the started after midnight, here is their  intro. Their performance was perfect, we all were satisfied.



Guns N´Roses    Topfest Plus                                 

13.07.2012 Piešťany, Airport, 18,00 open air concert

The weather - the rain all our journey, but in Piešťany there was  blue sky. We arrived a little bit late, we haven´t seen the support bands (Slovak hardrock band  Dorian Gray,and Czech Arakain and  Lucia Bílá).  T-shirts  Guns N´Roses cost 30 € I haven´t liked them.

At 21,30  we were at VIP standing, 20 m in front of the stage. Concert started at  23.30 with Chinese Democracy. The scene was simple - three  large screens, lights, pyroshow.

The band has  9 members (frontman and vocalist Axl Rose, 2 keyboards, drums, guitars- one of them double-neck). I admired  guitar player  DJ Ashba, he performed perfectly and so did also the other guitar players. Here is nice guitar solo. In my opinion Axl was also perfect. The sound was very well balanced.They continued untill 2,00 hod. !! The audience was very impressed. They played also the well known songs like Sweet Child of Mine, November Rain,  Knockin´ on Heaven´s Door and  Don´t Cry. We could also hear the melody of Another Brick in the Wall, Part II by Pink Floyd. After the concert there was grandiose   firework.

Great concert!


the structure opposite the stage                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             confetti                      firework



Nightwish     Imaginaerum World Tour 2012-2013                   

April 29.2012 Budapest, Papp László Sportaréna, 19,00

Support bands:  Eklipse and  Battle Beast

 Intro was from last album Imaginaerum - Taikatalvi and  Storytime. They played songs from the album Imaginaerum, ( Slow,Love,Slow, The Crow,the Owl and the Dove, I Want My Tears Back, Scaretale), and also older songs from their last twoo albums (Nemo, Amaranth, Islander, Wish I Had an Angel, Last of Wilds).

The sound was excellent. Their live performance sounds like studio record.





Dream Theater     A Dramatic Turn of Events            

17th February 2012 Budapest, Papp László Sportaréna, 20,00

This was my 2nd Dream Theater  concert, the very first was in Katovice,Poland  in  July 2011. The concert was about their last album A Dramatic Turn of Eevents. The spund and acoustics were better quality than in Katowice.There were cca  7-8 thousand people.

Support band was american Periphery, never heaerd about them, but they attracted my attention. There were 6 of them and I made 2 videos.

After a long lasting pause came  Dream Theater, the intro was different (Bridges in the Sky) than in  Katowice. They projected on 2 large screen so we could see the details.They played songs from their last album A Dramatic Turn of Events (Build me Up, Take me Down, Outcry, Far from Heaven and  others), and also older songs  (Surrounded, Wait for Sleep, 6:00,  and others). Drummer  Mike Mangini performed nice drum solo. I was interested in guitarist John Petrucci, which performed perfect guitar solos.





Gorgoroth     The Sign of Hell 2011 Tour            

November 30.2011 Košice, Slovakia, club Collosseum, 18,00

There was some support band from Bulgaria, we came after their performance. Then played blackmetal band  Valkyrja from Sweden and  deathmetal band  Vader from Poland.

Gorgoroth - blackmetal band from Norway.Their performance was brutal, You simply must to hear it.


  support band members from Bulgaria




Rammstein     Made in Germany 1995-2011

November 10.2011 Budapest,Hungary, Papp László Sportaréna, 20,00

Perfect scene, lights, pyroshow. They played 20 songs, the playlist was available on the internet.

Playlist: Sonne, Amerika, Keine Lust, Asche zu Asche,Sehnsucht,Feuer Frei!,Mutter,Mein Teil,Du riechst so gut, Links 2-3-4, Du hast, Haifisch, Buck Dich, Mann gegen Mann, Pussy, Mein Herz brennt, Wollt Ihr das Bett in Flammen sehen, Ohne Dich, Engel, Ich will.

I recorded  some videos, but the sound is terrible.

Great concert!!!





Dream Theater     2011 Tour

July 28.2011, Spodek, Katowice, Poland, 20,00 

Support band , (I don´t know their name) they played some kind of slow rock.  There were 4 of them ( 2 guitars, bass guitar,drums).

Drem Theater  started  about 21,00 with  Intro, which was unknown for me. The scene was simple. The former drummer  Mike Portnoy,was fully replaced with  Mike Mangini. He performed perfectly.I  liked James LaBrie´s voice. Keyboard player  Jordan Rudess was also perfect. Bass guitar performed by  John Myung was unfortunately  almost unhearable. I enjoyed  John Petrucci´s brilliant guitar solos.The overall sound in the hall was splendid.They performed more than 2 hours.We listened to  Forsaken, Endless Sacrifice, Fatal Tragedy, Caught in a Web and  other songs, as well as a song from new album  A Dramatic Turn of Events  On the Back of Angels.





July 05.2011 Budapest, Papp László Sportaréna, 20,00

Great concert!  Carlos Santana started at  20,10 with cacophonic  intro . The scene was simple  - many tiny lights on black background - like the stars.  There was HD TV projection on tha background, so I could enjoy  the details of Santana´s fingers. There were 3 drummers and one extra drummer woman.  We could hear brilliant bass solo and aslo drum solos. They performed   2 hours and 40 minutes!! We heard songs like  Maria Maria Corazón Espinado,   Europa and other songs. I didn´t  hear a song,which I was waiting for all the time- Samba Pa Ti.





June 25.2011 Nitra, Slovakia, Amfiteáter, 20,00

It was an open-air concert. As a guest there was a legendary Slovak artrock band  Collegium Musicum.

Omega is legendary Hungarian rock band and they exist since  r.1962 .There were all 5 former members. And one additional. keyboard  player. The intro was  their well known song  Petróleum lámpa, then 10 000 lépés and many others. The sound was incredibly clear. There were  light and laser effects and flying Chinese lanterns. As a grand finale they played their best known song Gyongyhajú lány (The Girl with Pearl Hair. This is the song  which cover "White dove" was made by Scorpions ). At the end they played  Régi csibészek. It was great concert!


amphiteatre                                                                Collegium Musicum          Omega






Roger Waters      The Wall 2011

June 22.2011 Budapest, Hungary  Papp László Sportaréna, 20,00

Intro  ( In the Flesh)  was with fireworks. There were twoo walls- one on the each side  of the stage  and they gradually created a complete wall. Effects were projected on the wall.

The first part of concert was the album The Wall Part 1 and there was the well known Another Brick in the Wall.  There was  30 min. intermission. In the second part of concert -The Wall Part 2, they started with  Hey You and there were   also Comfortably Numb, Is There Anybody Out There? and other songs. In the grand finale the wall was  pulled down.


incomplete wall             complete wall                                                                                            farewell





June 06.2011 Budapest,Hungary,  Papp László Sportaréna, 19,00

Hungarian support band (in my opinion it was  the band Hard,  which was also with Kiss). They performed rock covers.I recorded one  video.

Scorpions started at 20,30  with intro  Sting in the Tail  The sound and the scene was incredible! Frontman- vocalist Klaus Meine  performed perfectly.They played Big city nights, Loving You Sunday morning, and also  ballads- the greatest hits  ( Send me an angel, Let me take You far away, Still loving You, The best is yet to come). There was also  instrumental song. The end at 22,30 with  Wind of change. One of my best concerts.






June 04.2011 Brezno, Slovakia,Aréna Brezno, 19,00

Support band    Láďa Tomis and Jiří Schelinger revival band.  Jiří Schelinger  was well known Czech singer and musician in fomer Czechoslovakia  in the seventieth of the last century. He deceased in 1981.  They performed  well known songs  Sníh a mráz, Jahody mražený, Což takhle dát si špenát, Simsalabim, Holubí dum...)

Olympic is a legendary Czech rock band.  The frontman is Peter Janda, he is singer and guitar player. He said, Olympic is one of the oldiest rock bands of the world (they exist since 1962). I don´t  know the name of intro song. They performed their well known hits  (Bon soir Madamoiselle  Paris, Taky jsmem se narodil bos, Osmý den, Jednou, Dynamit, Okno mé lásky ...) and also some  less known songs and also  hardrock songs,  unplugged   ( Vlak co nikde nestaví). The concert finished  with Vymslel jsem spustu nápadu, Jasná správa, Slzy tvý mámy.






Helloween & Stratovarius  The 7 Sinners World Tour 2010/11

9th April  2011 - City Hall Prešov, Slovakia 19,00-  This was postponed concert. Previously it had to be 29th.January 2011 and was cancelled because of too small hall (handball arena).

Stratovarius  - they started intro at  20,30 The vocalist Timo Kotipelto and  guitar player  Mathias Kupiainen were great. The drummer Jörg Michael  was also good. It is known that he has stomach cancer a we all hope he will be OK.They performed songs from their latest album Elysium.and 2 older songs (Eagleheart, I am hunting high and low). The audience was perfect.

Helloween - they started at 22,00 with Are You Metal?. The vocalist  Andi Deris was perfect. People were enjoying the concert. The performed songs from their latest album  7 Sinners and also older things and  one ballad Forever and One.





The Australian Pink Floyd Show   Pink Floyd´s Greatest Hits World Tour 2011

February 03.2011, Košice, Slovakia, Steel Arena, 19,00

Great concert! Perfect performance, perfect sound. Laser show, 3D projection.

They started with Shine on You Crazy Diamond

They played Money Another Brick in the Wall Learning to Fly Wish You Were Here  and other songs.





Accept     Blood of the Nations Tour 2011

February  2. 2011, Budapest, Hungary, Club 202 (ex-Wigwam club), 19,00

Support band Steelwing from Sweden. There are 5 of them. They performed well, but nothing exceptional.


ACCEPT- there are 5 of them, the sound and performance  awesome !! Amazing guitar solos. Great concert!!


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  The 7 Sinners World Tour 2010/11



January 29. 2011 - Handball Arena, Prešov, Slovakia, 19,15 concert was  cancelled  couple of hours before the beginning (too small hall, too many tickets sold).



03.12.2010, Dieselclub  Budapest, Hungary

Brazillian support band  Shadowside   Very good vocalist Dani Nolden and  guitar player . I recorded some video, but the recorded sound is very low quality, so at least I placed here a link to official video    >>>  I can say I am surprised, very good music and performance! Here is short preview  >>>

It is me and Dani Nolden:


After a long break started W.A.S.P. Blackie performed perfectly.I recorded several videos, but the recorded sound is very low quality. Here is short preview  >>> and here is some official video Wild child I wanna be somebody       

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Joe Satriani  

08.11.2010, Papp László Sportaréna Budapest, Hungary

Support band  Ned Evett & Triple Double- from Los Angeles, they performed very well.

At  21,00  started  Satriani  intro. The sound was excellent and so were Satriani´s  guitar solos..

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Deep Purple  

30.10.2010, Spodek, Katowice, Poland


Support band  SBB from Poland. They perfomed well >>> and  >>>  

At 21,00 started  intro  of Deep Purple. ( Vocals-Ian Gillan, bassguitar- Roger Glover, drums- Ian Paice. Jon Lord is replaced by  Don Airey and lead guitar player was   Steve Morse). They played also older siongs like  Perfect Strangers and  Smoke on the Water.

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Ozzy Osbourne  

04.10.2010, Papp László Sportaréna Budapest,Hungary 20,00 .- the name of support band is unknown...

Ozzy appeared on the stage .   They also played   Black Sabbath pieces - Iron Man and songs from albums Scream and Dreamer Let me hear You scream, Mr.Crowley,   Road to nowhere Mama I´m coming home. Here is  guitar solo of Gus G. The latest song was - as I supposed- Paranoid. Concert ended at 22,30

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Budapest, Hungary, Petöfi csarnok , 20.06.2010, Support bands were  3 Inches of Blood,  video. and  Devil Driver  video.

At 21,30  Megadeth Tornado of Souls , A Toute la Monde, Symphony of Destruction  a other songs.

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Kiss  Sonic  Boom Over Eurpe Tour 2010

28.05.2010, Papp László Sportaréna Budapest, Hungary, 20,00 .- support band was  Hard, video.

Introductory song of Kiss was  Modern Day Delilah from the  album Sonic Boom. At the end it was I Was Made For Loving You and God Gave Rock´N´ Roll To You


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J.M.Jarre  World Tour 2010

25.05.2010, Papp László Sportaréna Budapest, Hungary, 20,00

In J.M.Jarre´s music penetrates the music with the diving - his music is mostly used for  underwater slideshows and films.

J.M.Jarre   appeared  in the audience and  made his way  to the stage.The first song was   Oxygene 2. There was amazing laser show during his performance and he also played  the laser harpThe final song was  Oxygene 4 and twoo anothes songs.

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Metallica   World Magnetic Tour 2010

Budapest, Puskás Ferens stadion , Hungary, 14.05.2010, 17,00   Open air concert. There were approx. 60 thousand people.


The first support band was  High on Fire , never heard about them.The second support band was  Volbeat



In the evening they began  test the sound  and  audience had fun  with   mexican waves, I enjoyed it. At 21,10  began  METALLICA!!! The sound was incredibly brutal! It was my first open air concert. James Hetfield addressed the audience Hammet and  Hetfield changed a lot of  guitars.The crowd was fascinating.They played songs from the album Death Magnetic, and also older pieces like  Nothing Else Matters The end of concert.

The performance was projected on wide-screen, all details were visible. It was the best concert I ever seen.


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Uriah Heep

04.05.2010, Petöfi csarnok, Budapest, Hungary

The support band was Hungarian  Whitesnake Tribute Band . They performed very good, for example  Crying in the Rain.. Very good vovcalist and very good guitar player  István Alapi. I recorded only one video.

Uriah Heep started at   21,00.Vocalist Bernie Shaw, lead guitar Mick Box, bassguitar Trevor Bolder keyboards Phil Lanzon, drums Russel Gilbrook.They celebrate anniversary and released the  album "Celebration". Mick Box  commented "...alcohol,sex and drugs... and we are still here ..." 

We heard several well known  songs (The Wizard,   Free Me,   Gypsy ,   Easy Livin,   July Morning  and at 21,15 they said "goodbye" Then they returned to stage and played Lady in Black .

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Fermata, Blue Effect, Collegium Musicum

13.04.2010, Infiniti Arena, Košice, Slovakia

Fermata   - legendary Slovak  rock band.with famous lead guitar player  František Griglák.
Blue Effect   -legendary Czech rock band with famous lead guitar player  Radim Hladík ( my first guitar idol).They played  Je třeba obout boty Sluneční hrob, Čajovnu and also unknown  songs

Collegium Musicum  - legendary Slovak  art rock band.with famous keyboard player Marián Varga. Also legendary bass guitar player Fedor Frešo. They started with  Mikrokozmos .They also played  Ulicu plnú plášťov do dažďa, and  Hommage á J.S.Bach  ( video part I.,    video part II. )

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16.03.2010, Papp László Sportaréna Budapest,Hungary


 Support band  Combichrist. Here is their  web page.  and here is one  video .

At  21,00 started  Rammstein with Rammlied from the album  Die Liebe sit für Alle da. The vocalist  Till Lindemann  was perfect.They played pieces from new album Die Liebe sit für Alle da (Haifish,  Pussy Frühling in Paris), and older pieces  (Feuer frei!, Sonne, Links 2-3-4 ). One of the best concerts I have ever seen.Overwhelming show with  pyrotechnics and crackers.Overwhelming sound!

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Gammaray To the Metal Tour Europe 2010

26.02.2010, Prešov, Slovakia

1. Support band  Secret Sphere (Italy)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 2.Support band   Freedom Call (Germany) It is interesting, that the drummer  Dan Zimmermann plays also with Gammaray.

Gammaray (Nemecko)-  frontman - vocalist and guitar player Kai Hansen- former  Helloween member.They played songs from newest album  To the Metal and also from albums  Majesty and Land of the Free II.

Very good performance.

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02.02.2010, Prešov, Slovakia

Support band was Czech  Motorband. Never heard about them before, they performed ordinary quality.

Europe started hardcore with  Last Look at Eden from their newest album. Guitar player  John Norum  played perfectly.Vocalist Joey Tampest performed also perfectly, but he made dangerous maneuvers with microphone stand :-) The ended with  Final Coundown. Concert was super, the sound excellent, but the recorded sound in my videos  is very low quality :video1 and  video2 - Final Countdown :-(((((

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26.01.2010, Petöfi csarnok, Budapest

Support band was   Winters Verge from Cyprus. They surprised me, the performed perfectly.2.Support band  were Finnish Trace Dawn . I disliked them.

Stratovarius started with I am hunting high and low .I liked the vocalist Timo Kotipelti. They played pieces from newest album  Polaris and other wellknown  songs (Eagleheart Forever). Very good concert!

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Alice Cooper   Alice Cooper's Theatre of Death 2008-2009

18.11.2009, Košice, Slovakia

Czech support band  Evarest .The performed quite good.

At 20,00 started  Alice Cooper with monumental scene and show.The performance was perfect. He "was killed" 4x and he "killed" at least 2x.

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28.10.2009,Dieselclub Budapest, Hungary band  Amoral  (Finland), band - Before the Dawn (Finland)  .

Amorphis- they played songs from their newest album  Skyforge,which I love very much.Vocalist  Tomi Joutsen is very good singer.

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February 2009, Dieselclub Budapest, Hungary

Support band  Turisas  (Finland), they claimed they play  "battle metal". They had also accordion and violin players.

 Dragonforce (Great Britain)  they play  speed metal. They have excellent guitar players. They ended with   Through Fire and Flame which I like.

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19.04. 2009,Košice, Slovakia band Sabaton (Sweden), band Bloodbound (Sweden)

Very good concert, I enjoyed the guitar player Oscar Dronjak and vocalist  Joacim Cans.  One of my most favourite bands. I  have no video.

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Collegium Musicum

30.03.2009, Prešov, Slovakia

Legendary Slovak  art rock band.with famous keyboard player Marián Varga, legendary bass guitar player Fedor Frešo, lengendary guitar player František Griglák and drummer  Valihora.Excellent concert.

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05.12.2008, Prešov, Slovakia

They are from Finland, and all of them wear masks. Very good concert!

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Black Sabbath (Heaven & Hell)

26.06.2007, Košice, Slovakia

My most favourite band ever. Gloomy, dark scene, perfect Tony Iommi - my most favourite guitar player, bassguitar player Geezer Buttler, drummer Vinnie Appice and vocalist Ronnie James Dio. Very noisy sound, there is very bad acoustics in this ice-hockey arena (Steel Arena).

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