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I released my  debut CD album :  EmericvS: DisasterS, 2014


digitally available:

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u Since  March 04.2014   on Bandzone - debut


u Since May 09.2014 is the album available on  CD :        

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u  Listed in the  List of Slovak audio recordings of artistic performance of the  Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic 

u  Listed in the global database Allmusic  and Gracenote



Mastering: Nick Lewis, BM Brighton Mastering, http://www.brightonmastering.co.uk/  









Videoclip thumbnails on Youtube:

 "Flowers of Solitude"   Rock - Metal

  "Flowers of Solitude"   (August 08.2012)     lyrics >>>

"Pompeii (Place of no Return)"  Rock - Metal

  "Pompeii (Place of no Return")   (November 05.2012)    lyrics >>>

"Searthquake"  (equivoke for "undersea earthquake")  Rock - Metal

"Searthquake"   (December 13.2012)    lyrics >>>

"Train of Fools"   Rock - Metal

       "Train of Fools"  (February 21.2013)    lyrics >>>

"Black Hole Eye"   Metal

     "Black Hole Eye" (March 13.2013)    lyrics >>>

"Asteroid (Apophis)"   Metal

   "Asteroid (Apophis)"  (May 12.2013)  lyrics >>>

"Winter"   Rock - Metal

       "Winter"  (June 29.2013)    lyrics >>>

"Headache"    Metal

     (October 09.2013)          lyrics >>>

"Spiritual Prisoner"  Rock - Metal

       "Spiritual Prisoner" (24.12.2013)    lyrics >>

"The End of the Universe"  Rock - Metal

         "The End of the Universe"    lyrics >>>

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