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There was  certain period in my life, when I  went in for painting. I loved  figural painting (nude), but I tried also different themes ( still life with flowers, landscape). Mostly I made oil on canvas, but also on plywood. It is a distant memory... Most of paintings I  donated, a couple of them I kept for myself, here are some of them:

They aren´t new, I just had the possibility to photograph them (I presented them at the time they were painted)


Messalina                                     Bathing Woman                          Gerbera Daisy                                  The Past and the Future                                    Hands





             125x118cm                                                                                             108x103cm




      My very first::            


           On the Sward                                                                      Long Live Man I

                21x30 cm                                                                                  21x30cm



             25,5 x 46cm                              25,5 x 46cm                               36,5 x 56 cm                                    23,5 x 32cm                            32 x 43cm                                   24 x 28,5cm





                                                                                                                                     67 x 90 cm



                                     The World                                                Dancing                                              Contempt

                                                                 122 x 117 cm                                                                        39 x 72 cm                                                          34 x 52 cm



le                                                                                                Lying Woman      

                                                                                                     182 x 59 cm




                                              Triangle                                                                                                                    The Boredom                        Green Moon

                                    51 x 33cm                          36 x 48cm                       33,5 x 24cm                         41 x 26cm                                    52 x 32cm



                                                                                       Chrysanhemum                   Daffodil



                                                     Plains with Canal in South-West Slovakia                  Mountains


                                                                                                                      statuette - sitting man with a book