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There was  certain period in my life, when I  went in for painting. I loved  figural painting (nude), but I tried also different themes ( still life with flowers, landscape). Mostly I made oil on canvas, but also on plywood. It is a distant memory... Most of paintings I  donated, a couple of them I kept for myself, here are some of them:

They aren´t new, I just had the possibility to photograph them (I presented them at the time they were painted)


Messalina                                     Bathing Woman                          Gerbera Daisy                                  The Past and the Future                                    Hands



      My very first::            


           On the Sward                                                                      Long Live Man I

                21x30 cm                                                                                  21x30cm



             25,5 x 46cm                              25,5 x 46cm                               36,5 x 56 cm                                    23,5 x 32cm                            32 x 43cm                                   24 x 28,5cm





                                                                                                                                     67 x 90 cm



                                     The World                                                Dancing                                              Contempt

                                                                 122 x 117 cm                                                                        39 x 72 cm                                                          34 x 52 cm



le                                                                                                Lying Woman      

                                                                                                     182 x 59 cm




                                              Triangle                                                                                                                    The Boredom                        Green Moon

                                    51 x 33cm                          36 x 48cm                       33,5 x 24cm                         41 x 26cm                                    52 x 32cm



                                                                                       Chrysanhemum                   Daffodil



                                                     Plains with Canal in South-West Slovakia                  Mountains


                                                                                                                      statuette - sitting man with a book