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the 70´s



# 4 concert of NÁLADY band August 24.2019

Venue  - Vodný mlyn  Kolárovo Slovakia  The weather was lovely. The gig was for invited guests- our former schoolmates, friends, relatives. 32 songs in twoo rounds.

Photo: Július Vincenc ml. (c) 2019




rocková torta:


VIDEO >>>    VIDEO_2_>>>



August 17. 2019

Final rehearsal before the upcoming concert.


 22nd. June  2019

Rehearsal for the upcoming gig.




27th.apríl 2019

There were all of us. We made an importaant decision - we´ll perform a gig on  24th August 2019 ( concert for our schoolmates).



2nd February 2019

There  met just four of us, without one of the rhythm guitars





29th September 2018

This time we were without the drummer

9th June 2018

All day rehearsal



14th April 2018

We rehearsed almost our complete repertory and Doctor,Doctor and High Hopes. It was a perfect day.



27th January 2018

Rehearsal after a long period. We played our repertory. No photo/video.



22th July 2017

We rehearsed almost our complete repertory and Doctor,Doctor a High Hopes.


20th May 2017

We rehearsed our complete repertory.



 10th December 2016

We rehearsed almost all our repertory.  We rehearsed 2 new songs  - Doctor Doctor ( version by Iron Maiden, originally  UFO) and  High Hopes by Pink Floyd.

5th .November  2016  and  15th October  2016

We rehearsed our complete repertory.




# 3 concert of NÁLADY band June 18.2016      video >>>

Venue  - Vodný mlyn  Kolárovo Slovakia  The weather was beautiful. There were only few people, our invited friends and schoolmates simply did not all come. We performrmed 48 song and  there was also 2 songs encore.  We received some compliments.





video >>>


June 04.2016

Last rehearsal before the CONCERT - June 18.2016

May 07. 2016

There was the complete band. We rehearsed our all repertory and new song Hommage a J.Bach by Collegium Musicum.



March 26. 2016

There were only four of us- Milan J. couldn´t come. We rehearsed our all repertory and three new songs : Kéglidal (Illés), Nem tudom a neved (Omega), Torékeny lendulet (Omega).



February  20. 2016

I did not take part because I was busy.

 January 9. 2016

We rehearsed a new song -  Nemtudom a neved (Omega), Povídej and Whiskey in the Jarr. We played also several songs of our repertory. The drummer left a little big earlier, so the vocalists trained multiple vocals.


Vlado                                MIlan K.                       Milan J.                        Martin "Venduš"              me


December  19.2015

And we´ve had rehearsal  in this year after all. We played all our repertory and new song  Povídej (Petr Novák). We rehearsed also  NIB (Black Sabbath).


                                           Milan K.                       Martin "Venduš"               Vlado                              Milan J.                        me                              





November 21. 2015

Probably the last meeting of this year. There were only four of us -  Milan Jány cought a cold . We played  all our repertory and rehearsed a new song - Whiskey in the Jar.



#2 concert of NÁLADY  band 12.09.2015           

Lovely weather.  The stage was in Vodný mlyn  Kolárovo Slovakia .

There were mostly invited guests - our schoolmates. The concert started at  18,00. We performed 40 songs and some encore. The concert ended at 22,30. The people enjoyed and liked  our concert, we received compliments.



me                                             Milan K.                 Milan J.                        Martin "Venduš"              Vlado


video >>>        

short version >>>


 september  05. 2015

It was the general rehearsal before the next week´s concert !!!


me  and Milan K.                 Milan K.                         Milan J.                  Martin "Venduš"        Vlado


August  01.   2015

We reherad a new song- Bad Moon Riaing by Creedence Clearwater Revival. The nand has two new items i - Vocal harmoniser and  Vlado´s bass guitar (Fender colne, made in the 70.).


Milan K.                        Milan J.                            Vlado                           Martin                             me                                        me                                                                   bass guitar                  Vocal Harmoniser



June  06. 2015

The band was complete, however the drummer played only for a while with wooden sticks (without drums), We rehearsed the all repertory.



  May 09. 2015

There were only three of us- me, Milan Kokavec  and Vlado Ando. We played without drums, it was a fun.

the gear for 3  

April  24. 2015

I did not take part because I was busy.


March  14. 2015

We tried to use keyboard .




 February 07.  2015

It was for the first time we played without the bass guitar - Vlado was busy and coukldn´t come. We rehearsed some new songs - American Woman ( Guess Who), Who´ll stop the Rain (reedence Clearwater Revival), Samba Pa Ti (Santana),  Stejskání (Olympic).  We played also another songs from our repertory, of course.


    no bass                           3M                                Milan K,                       Milan J.                     Martin "Venduš"           me




December  06.2014

It was Saint Nicholas Day and it was raining and we rehearsed Iron Man (Black Sabbath), Demon´s Eye (Deep Purple) and Wild Thing (The Troggs). In the evening we saw a frog on the wet grass!! - I emphasize that there was the 6th December!


Martin "Venduš"                  me                          Milan K.                       Milan J.                          Vlado                          the band Nálady


October 25. 2014

We played our complete repertory. We enjoyed it.

ready to play

September 13. 2014

Venduš has  his own amp for the drums  (active subwoofer with  2 satelites) .I have another  effect pedal on my  pedalboard- chorus.  We rehearsed  old-new  Born to be Wild by Steppenwolf  and Up Around the Bend by Creedence Clearwater Revival.  We also played another songs of our repertory.

#1 concert of our band NÁLADY June 28.2014 - after 40.years !!!



The concert was carried out  in the complex of the Water mill in  Kolárovo, Slovakia.  which has a nice wooden stage.



Preparations and  acoustic tests:




The concert



We also weared long-haired wigs and T-shirts with our logo:


 In the evening and in the night:


 After the concert:


 We had  very good the response of the audience. And also our own feelings were the best. There was the encore in the end (more than half an hour)

video 1  >>>

video 2  >>>


May 24.    2014

We rehearsed our repertory. I changed the valves in my guitar head Peavey Valveking 100, because lately I did not like the sound.  Old valves played  approx. 220 hours.  I replaced old  6L6 Ruby valves with new JJ quartet  (slovak made). 3  JJ 12X7 were replaced with  2x  Elektro-Harmonix (russian)  and 1x JJ.


valves 6L6 Ruby              12X7 (ECC83S)            guita head  Peavey Valveking 100 with new valves                                     12X7 EH

I´d like to emphasize, that it was the last rehearsal before our live cocnert. It will be  on June 28.2014 at 17:00 in  Kolárovo (Slovakia) - Vodný mlyn. Her


April  26.2014

We rehearsed our repertory. Milan K. has caught a cold and he´s got sore throat, but he did the vocals well.


March  29. 2014

We played in our usuall venue- local Musical school in Kolárovo. We rehearsed  our repertory. Venduš tried new image with long haired wig. Milan K. also tried new image  with  military camouflage pants and undershirt.




Vendušov nový imidž      nový imidž Milana K.                                                      ja                                                                                      Vlado                                   Milan J.                             "arzenál" gitár                             

February 22   2014

This meeting was a liitle bit different- we´ve met in a boardroom of local Agricultural company. It was perfect retro - style , vintage venue. We played our repertory, some song even several times. My B.C.Rich Vampirella guitar has got the chance to play in the band for the first time.




the band                        my B.C.Rich guitar

January 18.2014

We played our repertory Milan J. has new 50 Watt   Marshall  combo  MG50 FX a  lovely new  white  Ibanez guitar AGR 73T (Les Paul, hollow body).  


 the gear                        complete band                drums                                                                                                                 Milan J. and his new guitar                                                                        new combo


December  21. 2013

We were complete band again. We rehearsed new song Oh,Ruby by Kenny Rogers. This song has nothing to do with rock. And then we rehearsed  one Slovak Christmas song "Každý deň budú vraj Vianoce" for Milan K.´s granddaughter, she sang with Milan. Simply - a little bit crazy Christmas meeting :-)

                              me                                                                            Vlado                                                                                                              Martin                        Milan K.                                                                                                                             Milan J.


November  09.   2013

There were all 5 of  us (one of us-Milan J,  as usuall was late and left as first of us...). We played almost our complete repertory. We tested new analogue equalser Behringer  to EQ the drums- they sounded much better. We made no video.


views on our gear                                                                                                                               mixer                            equaliser                         complete band

August 24. 2013

There were four of us- with the drummer Venduš- We  rehearsed a new song - Dej mi víc své lásky (Olympic). Then we played more than 20 songs from our repertory.



April 13. 2013

We have met only 4 of us -without the drummer. We used  mp3  drums. We rehearsed our repertory especially 20 of them.  Milan Kokavec renewd an old  Milan Jány´s guitar - Czechoslovak  Jolana Alfa. What a praiseworthy act! Can´t believe this guitar was in our band  40 years ago....which is shown on the photo below. We played untill the evenuing. And the spring  was in the air...



posing  band                                                       Milan J. and Jolana       me                                                                           renewed Jolana Alfa


details of Jolana Alfa 


retro guitar servispack


March 02. 2013

There were all of us  again- as the last time. This time the waether was sunny, no snow. We  rehearsed one old song "Až"  by Czech band Katapult.Then  we played our repertoryAs usuall, we  played  all the day.



2013 - rehearsal January 26. 2013

There were all of us- all former members-me, Vlado, Milan K., Milan J. and  Martin P. "Venduš". There was  too much snow, so we couldn´t get with cars to the building, it was necessary to carry the gear on a push-cart.The electronic drums sounded perfectly.We did´t  rehears new songs, we played our repertory.  I think it was our best performanceWe played  all the day.


the band                                                            Milan K. and Venduš                                        Venduš                      the gear on the push-cart



2012 - rehearsal December 22.2012

We have met all of us and also has come the drummer  Martin "Venduš"  to visit us. Maybe  it means new better future with our previous drummer... We tested a pair of new  amp cabinets. We were in Christmas mood, half day we played "normally" and then Vlado conquered the drums and we improvised.


the band                         "drummer" Vlado                                                       



new cabinets                                                       kick drum                      ready to leave...

2012 - rehearsal November 10.2012

We have a new drummer!!! He proved good. His name is Viktor Ábelovský. We rehearsed practically  our repertory, 10 songs of them. We gathered all of us (except former drummer).Vlado has a new bass guitar.


drummer Viktor                                                         the band with new drummer                             the gear                       new bass guitar

2012 - rehearsal  September 29.2012

There were only three of us- Vlado, Milan K. and me. Of course, the venue was the same- the music room of Music School in Kolárovo, Slovakia. We rehearsed  one new song-  Proud Mary by Creedence Clearwater Revival. There wil be no video, because during recording the sound was switched off :-(  Vlado tested his new bass cabinet-it worked well.


our gear                  Vlado+ new cabinet        Milan K. and Vlado                                                the rehearsal is over


new artworks of students

2012 - rehearsal  August 25.2012

It was promissed we meet complete band with the drunmer, but he didn´t come, so we played as many times before only 4 guitarits and  drums were played from mp3 player.

We  rehearsed 4 new songs:

1. (I can get no) Sartisfaction (Rolling Stones)    2. Daemon´s Eye (Deep Purple)      3. Up  Around the Bend (Creedence Clearwater Revival)    3. Három széplány éjszakája (The NIght of Three Nice Girls) (Hungária)

It was piece of cake aned then we played our repertory until 19,00. It was 37o C outside and in the hall there was like in hell.




2012 - rehearsal  May 26.2012

It sounds like cliche, but - there were only four guitarists of us again, without the drummerWe played all the day untill 19,30


the portraitsof the band                                     Milan J. & Milan K.

2012 - rehearsal  March  10.2012

There were four guitarists of us again, without the drummer (as usuall, the drums were played from mp3 player). We enjoyed our performance :-)


Vlado                              Milan K. & Milan J.         Milan J.                       Milan J. & Vlado         trio                                                                                                                    me

2012 - rehearsal  January  21.2012

There were four guitarists of us, without the drummer (the drums were played from mp3 player). We played  our usual repertory.


Vlado                                                                Milan K.                                                          Milan J                                                                 me



guitars                          trio                                the band




2011 - rehearsal  September 24.2011

There were four of us- but after a long period there was also our super drummer  Martin Predný "Venduš".  Vlado came with new bass guitar - it is vintage piece from 1972.

2 new songs- Jasná správa (Olympic) and Moonlight Shadow (Mike Oldfield). And of course our usual repertory.



artefact  on the facade                                       four of us                       me                                                                           Vlado with new bass guitar  (vintage 1972)              


drumme r  Martin "Venduš"                                                                        Milan K.                             



2011 - rehearsal March 26.2011

There were 4 of us... no new songs again.We continued playing another songs of our repertory...


the venue                       expo on the wall                                                                                              Milan J. and  Milan K.      ... and Vlado                    Vlado                             me



2011 - rehearsal February 12.2011




There were 4 of us... no new songs...we just played our repertory...

Video  is recorded with my Nokia N95, the quality of sound is a little bit low...



2011 - rehearsal  January 8.2011

Wild Thing   (The Troggs )  and   Iron Man  (Black Sabbath)

Novelty in Wild Thing- fipple flute  ( Milan Kokavec)!!



  my new pedalboard                                              me                                       Milan Kokavec   




2010 - rehearsal   November 20.2010

 Born to be Wild (Steppenwolf)  ,  Smoke on the Water (Deep Purple),  N.I.B. (Black Sabbath) , Medulienka (Prúdy)


 me                                                                                  Vlado Ando                     Milan Kokavec               Milan Jány                        Milan and Vlado



2010 - rehearsal   October 23.2010

 Sorry,Suzane (The Hollies) , Okno lásky (Olympic):


me                                                                               my gear                       Vlado Ando...                    ...with bass guitar                                                   tuning                                         




Milan Kokavec                                                        Milan K. anadf  Vlado A.       Milan Jány

June 12.  2010

video 1 >>>

video 2 >>>



Summer  2009

video 1 >>>

video 2 >>>

March  2009

video >>>


January  2009

video >>>



2008 - meeting in the summer 2008



video >>>



2007 - reunion  after years....

   video >>>

the 70´s  - high school  era   >>>


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