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I released my #2 CD albumEMERICVS: Solitary Waves, 2015   

digitally available:

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u since November 24.2015   on Bandzone

u since December 22.2015 is the album available as  CD  release


u    listed in the  List of Slovak audio recordings of artistic performance of the  Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic  

u  listed in the global databases Allmusic.com  and Gracenote


There are  instrumental songs - rock a metal

Note: links to existing videoclips are blue banner, other links are to audio files


1. High Tide                                                    6. The Wave

2. Space Odyssey of Guitars                        7. Sunken Airplane

3. Paleozoic                                                     8. The Mood

4. In Memory of Rusty                                     9. Sunken Bus

5. The Airplane Crash                                    10. M.R.










Mastering: Nick Lewis, BM Brighton Mastering, http://www.brightonmastering.co.uk/  

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